Plan and pack smart with this great list of suggestions before you leave home! This list is also available for download - print one out and check it off as you go to make sure you don't forget anything on your next getaway.


Being Safe

  • Have someone check your house

  • Turn off your water

  • Close & lock all windows

  • Stop mail delivery

  • Unplug electronics

  • Turn off AC

  • Lower heat

  • Raise AC

  • Stop newspaper delivery

  • Put lights on timers

  • Remove trash

  • Clean refrigerator



If you have a pet, arrange for pet sitting.

  • List instructions for care & feeding

  • Leave the # of your Veterinarian and Emergency Animal Hospital information

  • Leave copies of your pet's vaccinations



  • Call your credit card company to alert them of overseas charges

  • Call your bank if you plan on using an ATM machine abroad

  • Obtain a reasonable amount of currency prior to departure

  • Have small bills for tipping

  • Call your cell phone company for international access if you plan on calling home

Make sure to pack extra batteries for your camera!

Make sure to pack extra batteries for your camera!


  • Leave all valuables at home and any item you treasure

  • Take a copy of your passport with you

  • Leave a copy of itinerary, airline ticket & passport at home

  • Remove all previous tags from luggage

    • Add new tags and place one inside your luggage as well as outside

    • If you have a black suitcase you are among the majority - put something on the outside of your bag to easily identify it

  • Remember these!

    • Camera, charger, lens cleaning cloth

    • Binoculars

    • Phone charger

    • Extra batteries

    • Small flashlight

  • Keep your luggage in the required weight limit to prevent additional fees

  • Bring COMFORTABLE walking shoes, a wide brim hat, sun lotion, insect repellent, a pair of long pants, a money belt

  • Lightweight waterproof jacket or rain poncho

  • Make sure any prescription medication is filled and enough for the duration of the trip

  • Keep a color theme to prevent over packing - PACK LIGHT!

  • You will be carrying your luggage