Besides your memories, the greatest souvenir you can bring home from your travels are great photos and videos.

A few ideas include the classic photo but make the next one show feeling and emotion, an intimate expression. Try to take natural photos rather than posing.

Some examples of interesting photo subjects include:

  • A photo of your breakfast - the one that was so good you’ll never want to forget it

  • A candid picture of your group enjoying the local nightlife

  • Gathered around a table for dinner? This is the perfect opportunity to task a waiter to snap a picture!

  • Make sure to take a few shots on the local transportation (ferry, bus, etc.), shopping, laughing, or a quiet moment at a museum or gallery.

  • Capture the Masaai Warrior herding sheep or the sheepdog with the farmer or the florist arranging flowers - with these small moments captured you will always be able to cherish the memories of exploring and learning about different cultures.

These are a few ideas for interesting photos that will trigger memories of your once in a lifetime vacation. For that majestic mountain, beach scene or grass plains incorporate a tree, shell or stone. Make it interesting! Place something in the landscape, play with composition and angles.

If you’re phone takes pictures, it takes video too!

Put that digital camera on video and not only record the scene but the voices and action surrounding the scene.

Frame a shot so the “sculpture” is not the entire photograph. Put the point of interest to the left or right of the photo and add a person, flower or painting.


And most importantly…

Have someone take a few photos of you on your vacation! Give them the camera.