All I had to do was pick up the phone, can't explain it, just everything fit. It was a great trip.

Mary from Exeter, NH

You make traveling so easy and natural, not easy for first timers. I am so lucky to have been in your company.

Cheryl, Cape Cod



I have traveled with you to Tanzania twice, Italy, Ireland and you planned a trip to England for me and a friend. I can't wait to see what that will bring. I cannot wait for your next group trip. Thank you for amazing and memorable experiences.

Paula, Falmouth


An awful of of work and time was put into planning our trip to Tanzania. It showed.

Brendan & Helen, England


You provided all the necessary details and patiently answered my questions. You were very accessible and communication via email was very good. I felt well prepared for the trip. I thought the trip overall was very well balanced. The accommodations were lovely, the food was delicious and there was plenty of it, and the trip had a nice pace and flowed well. I was glad that we stayed in most places several nights so we were not constantly on the move.

Barb, Pennsylvania

Deb and I feel that the food, flights and accommodations met or exceeded our expectations.

Ed, Franklin



Susan, I thought you did a fantastic job planning this trip. Communication was frequent and clear. I appreciate everything you did to make our group feel comfortable and prepared. Having us meet before hand at your house was an unexpected pleasure and I liked putting a face to a name. Seeing pictures of your previous trips and checking out your choice of clothing and essentials was very helpful. I also appreciate the great price you were able to find for flights and insurance and the fact that you booked them for us! The same goes for the Visa application. You did all the work and made our lives easier. Another bonus was the reunion where everyone was given a thumb drive of photos from our trip. Where else would anyone find this service from a travel agent. This certainly was a custom tour. Thank you!

Beverly, Quincy


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