Whether you are a novice or experienced traveler planning a trip can be a daunting task... These questions are designed to help you to begin thinking about your next trip!

See how many you can answer and let Susan's Custom Tours & Travel help with the rest!



Where have you traveled to?

  1. Are you an experienced traveler? Or is this your first trip? Or first trip in a long time?

  2. Think of your past travel experiences - what did you like? What did you not like?

  3. If you are thinking of traveling outside the country consider things like currency exchange and if you need to obtain a passport.

What are your interests?

  1. What kind of tours do you prefer?

  2. Are you adventurous and seeking to go off-the-beaten-path? Or do you seek out the most popular tourist sites?

  3. Are you a food or wine lover?

What do you need from your hotel?

  1. What types of amenities do you want?

  2. Do you need handicap access?

What are your expectations for this trip?

  1. What type of trip will this be, relaxing or exciting?

  2. Do you want to have planned transportation or get around on your own?


When do you want to travel?

  1. What is the weather and popularity of your destination throughout the year? Are there peak and off seasons?

  2. Are you willing to pay more to travel during peak season or are you willing to risk weather conditions to cut costs?

What is your budget?

  1. What are your top priorities?

  2. Are private transfers important?

  3. Are you willing to pay more for sightseeing if it means staying in a lower quality hotel?